ABL Income Fund (ABL-IF) managed by ABL Asset Management Company Limited. Interim Distribution for the period ended

June 21, 2016

We are pleased to inform you that the Chief Executive Officer of ABL Asset Management Company Limited (ABL AMCL) on behalf of the Board of Directors, on June 21, 2016, has approved the following interim distribution of ABL–IF for the period ended June 20, 2016.




Interim distribution of Rs.0.1195 per unit (1.20% of the par value of Rs.10) for ABL–IF for the period ended June 20, 2016.

The above entitlement will be distributed to the unit holders whose name appeared in the register of unit holders of ABL–IF at the close of business day on Monday June 20, 2016.




Saqib Matin (CFO/Company Secretary)

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Mutual Funds NAVs


Applicable for: November 22,2017
Fund Offer Redemption
ABL-IF 10.3743 10.2210
ABL-SF 14.3154 14.0347
ABL-IIF 10.4877 10.3327
ABL-GSF-B 10.3679 10.2147
ABL-ISF 14.9014 14.6092
ABL-IFPF-Conservative 111.8664 109.6729
ABL-IFPF-Aggressive 107.4276 105.3212
ABL-IFPF-Active 104.9876 102.9290
ABL-IFPF-Strategic - 103.2502
ABL-IFPF-Strategic II - 93.3867
ABL-IFPF-Strategic III - 97.1950
ABL-IFPF-Strategic IV - 100.4221
ABL-FPF-Conservative 109.4715 107.3250
ABL-FPF-Active 97.1096 95.2055
ABL-FPF-Strategic - 96.9414
Applicable for:    November 23,2017
ABL-CF 10.2650 10.2650
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Pension Funds NAVs

ABL Pension Fund
Applicable for: November 22,2017
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-PF Equity Sub Fund 156.7844
ABL-PF Debt Sub Fund 140.1166
ABL-PF Money Market Sub Fund 115.6162
ABL Islamic Pension Fund
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-IPF Equity Sub Fund 162.6360
ABL-IPF Debt Sub Fund 114.5064
ABL-IPF Money Market Sub Fund 111.8995
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